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VEI Excise Tax and Car Import Taxes

  What is the new Green Levy?

Canadians are often looking to find out what is the tax in canada for cars bought in the United States whether it be pst on your vehicle, revenue Canada taxes, or excise taxes. One tax that you may not be familar with is the new Canada Green Levy Tax.
This is a new tax that became effective March 19, 2007 and applies to vehicles that the federal government has deemed to be “gas guzzlers”. Any “gas guzzler” imported or purchased in Canada after March 19, 2007 will be subject to the excise tax.  This tax only applies vehicles designed to carry passengers such as some SUV’s and some larger cars. This tax does not apply to trucks, thanks to heavy lobbying from rural interest groups. To find out if your vehicle has been singled out as a “gas guzzler” visit the CRA website at This guide will detail any VEI taxes you may be subject to upon import.

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